Granja La Serpentina...

A little while back, my friend, Sarah, told me about a quaint little goat farm off the side of the highway, somewhere between San Miguel De Allende and Mexico City. She said, "the goats are from France, the cheese is delicious and the owner looks like Santa Claus." My response was.... when can we go?:) A few days later, we were on our way. The farm was sweet, the owners and staff super gracious, bought a bunch of cheese, lost one CF card and LOVED the goats!

Interview with Latinos Behind the Lens

I'm so excited to share my interview with Latinos Behind the Lens. Ramon Nuez has a great blog and was so kind to invite me to participate. My sister, Natalie Franco, was just recently interviewed as well. Here is the link and hope you enjoy the read!

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A post for World Water Day

In honor of World Water Day, I'm sharing a preview of my water project I've been working on here in Central Mexico.

In the high desert mountains, in the heart of Mexico, the people thirst. The arid terrain is unforgiving and over 400 communities struggle for accessibility to clean water. Today, both the surface and subterranean water are drying up at an alarming rate and the water that remains is highly contaminated from years of mining, overgrazing and pollution. While also, deforestation, erosion and excessive extraction greatly add to the reduction. Initiatives like harvesting rainwater have greatly attributed to improvements in quality of life but then, rain falls in abundance only once a season. Now, more than ever, education and conservation need to overwhelm the communities.





It's estimated that 780 million people lack access to clean water in the world today.

Field Notes

Generosity, I've come to understand, binds communities together. The labor, the pain and the strength that each day demands is something quite remarkable to witness. Their work, their lives, move around and through each other for survival. The efforts of the day are palpable. And, there's a sense of gratitude that comes with exhaustion and rest. Everytime I leave the campos, I'm always hopeful for a quick return.




Notes from November

As we phase out of November, just wanted to share some images and thoughts. November was a great month here in Mexico. The seasons finally changed and we got a break from the heat:) It was also Dia De Los Muertos; which was a fantastic cultural and visual experience. I also spent more time out in the campo working on a new portrait series about women and the land, as seen in the pic above. Looking forward to Christmas and all celebrations that come with it here in San Miguel de Allende. Thanks for reading. Nic