10 (X) Editions - Mexican Diary

I've admired the work of Sara Terry for years and while in New York last year at Photoville, I had an opportunity to speak with her and exchange experiences both in photography and life. Not long after, she opened submissions for her 10(X) Editions: a curated selection of 10 images from a personal project, hand-bound, signed and in limited editions of 50. I'm so excited to share my title, Mexican Diary. Only a few left... purchase here. Thank you Sara, its been truly wonderful to know and work with you. 


Mexican Diary is a collection of images and memories, of encounters, fleeting emotions and moments of beauty found and hidden within the landscape of my family's birth... Mexico. It’s my visual diary with sentiments of nostalgia that manifest while here in this place. My entries are not calculated nor can be predicted but they lie in a quiet state of continuum.  

-- Nicole Franco